• Latex Fun Facts

    1. If you took all the gloves consumed in the U.S. in one year (20 billion) and laid them end to end, you could circle the earth 116 times! (And thats without stretching them!)

    2. Dr. William Halstead ordered the first dipped latex gloves for his nurse with severely chapped…

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  • Glossary of Glove Terms

    Accelerator : Chemicals added during the manufacturing process to control the physical properties of the latex. Accelerators include thiurams and carbamates.

    AQL : Acceptable Quality Level. Statistical measure of total defects allowed per 100 gloves. Current exam glove AQL is required by the FDA is 2.5. Digitcare strives on having…

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  • NFPA Requirement Overview NFPA® 1999, 2013 edition TESTING FEATURES :

    • Standard on Protective Garments for Emergency Medical Operations, Testing in general more vigorous than FDA
    • Glove Design, Class 1 Device
    • Liquid Tight Integrity AQL 1.5 vs FDA 4 : NFPA is stricter
    • Bacteriophage Permeation : Tests glove as an effective barrier against bacteria and virus. This is an…

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  • Choosing the Best Glove

    Natural Rubber Latex gloves currently represent the best option for most healthcare practitioners by combining excellent barrier protection, comfort and a reasonable price. It makes sense to use powder-free latex gloves whenever possible due to their lower levels of latex protein when compared to powdered latex gloves. A high…

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  • Latex Allergy Questionaire

    1. Have you ever had allergies, asthma, hay fever, eczema, or problems with rashes?

    2. Have you ever had strong allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) or other unexplained reactions during a medical procedure?

    3. Have you ever had swelling, itching or hives on your lips or around your mouth after blowing up a…

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